Its the last night of 2015, I have a drink of the alcoholic type origin and its time for me to write my annual post reminiscing about this past year. And quite the year it has been. I’ve said in past years that odd-numbered years have had quite significant changes for me. Last year was an exception, with a change in employer, but that only barely squeaked in toward the end of the year. This year set the pattern back on track, though.

In the last year, I think the most significant change in my life was the purchase of my first home. After just over 5 years, we moved out of our first apartment. Though it took me a while to get used to driving to a new place, I was (and still am) very excited to make our new place our home.

However, I should mention that it was not the only thing that happened this year. It was also a year where I felt I made a significant impact on things at work. This past year I have worked hard to find ways to improve the Interface Engine that I work on at work, and felt that I have made some pretty sizable contributions on that front. I’ve also been working hard with my colleagues to improve customer relations in regards to the Interface, and feel that we have made very big improvements there.

Most of this year was filled with work. But for the first time in a very long time, I don’t feel exhausted. In fact, I actually feel empowered and excited to work at PatientSafe. Working with people who are truly talented, who truly care, I feel like I’m doing what I’ve wanted to do - help people through code. But I have also tried to balance my dedication at work with significant quality time with my family, as it finally has made sense that without the balance, my life is difficult and depressing.

Well, at this point, the alcohol is being overly effective in relaxing me on this eve to 2016, and it is now making it difficult to think clearly into this past year. With 2 hours left in the year, I think its time to git commit this and enjoy the remaining time with family. Maybe next year I’ll actually post more technical stuff, like I said I would. Until then, Happy New Year!